A Specific Learning Disability assessment process is very comprehensive. In addition to determining your child’s cognitive profile and academic ability, an assessment of the specific cognitive abilities and processes most relevant to the  academic area of concern is also necessary. Based on the referral concern, the assessment of a suspected Specific Learning Disability is tailored through a selection of subtests from the Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Cognitive Abilities (WJ IV COG) and Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Achievement (WJ IV ACH) along with other assessment tools (e.g. memory, phonological awareness, orthographic awareness, etc).

A Specific Learning Disability assessment typically consists of the following (additional sessions may be required depending on the working speed and concentration/ attention of your child):

    • An initial consultation to obtain a detailed developmental history and background information (50 minutes)
    • Cognitive assessment (120 minutes)
    • Academic assessment (120 minutes)
    • Extended assessment (50-120 minutes)
    • Results are provided in a concise, practical report with tailored recommendations
    • A final feedback session to discuss the results (50 minutes)